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NOTE: I wrote the bulk of this a year or two ago. I read over it today and added a few points of skepticism to the ramble here and there (as well as some dividing lines for readability). I don’t agree with everything I’ve written here looking back at it with some clarity, but the bulk of it I do agree with. At the least, I believe it is a good summary of the points laid out in Ted’s manifesto regarding leftism and the many negative effects it can have.

Preface: The unabomber manifesto is a very interesting work if you’re not already familiar. It is definitely worth a read. While I don’t agree with everything he says in the book——I believe that there is still a chance for technology to be beneficial for mankind rather than overall harmful as Ted argues——one of the things the work does excellently is outline the evils of leftism. I decided one day to sift through the work and, with my own annotations, better outline exactly what is wrong with leftism. I wrote this to reject my leftist friend, who I love very much yet am simultaneously irritated by beyond imagining. While I believe this to be a beneficial read for someone wishing to better understand and articulate the problem with leftism as a whole, I also encourage you, the reader, to make your own decisions and arguments on why leftism is evil——hell, even say it’s good if you’d like. Draw your own conclusion on the matter, then come back here if you’d like and see if you agree with my——as well as Ted’s——perspective on the matter.

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