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Reject Appearance


In the world today——no, in the world for as long as there’s been society——people have overly relied on appearance. They care not about who they are, but about who they appear to be to others. This is the reverse of how things should be: who gives a damn if people don’t like something about you as long as you are acting in the best way you can.

One time, a family member was in the hospital and was recovering from an operation. Another family member had made plans and wasn’t going to be home. This second family member then asked me if it was bad she wasn’t going to visit, if she would appear like a bad family member.

It’s obvious to me something is wrong with this line of thinking. You should be more concerned with reality than how you appear to others. You don’t go and visit someone in the hospital to appear like you care, you go to visit someone because you actually care.

All you can do it try your best to be a good person; a good child, a good parent, whatever your role, just do it the best you can. There’s nothing more to be done.

Be honest: don’t try to appear like something you’re not. If you’ve uncovered a flaw in yourself——that you’re not a good person, not a good child, according to your own personal definition of what that may be——acknowledge that fault and work to improve yourself. This obsession over appearance is, in my example, laziness. Don’t fake being a good person because you’re not putting in the effort needed to become one. Actually be a good person.

This ramble can be extended by talking about obsession over physical appearance, more examples, whatever, but this is all I wanted to talk about. Hopefully it puts someone out there on the right path.

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