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Do Not Go Into Debt



Bankers, economists, and politicians hate him! Hear this one easy trick to avoid running out of money! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Do not go into debt. There are only two times in life that going into debt is warranted:

  1. To buy your first car.

  2. To buy a house.

(For people unable to afford it, a loan can also be warranted for higher education; however, you should choose the cheapest college option possible in this type of circumstance to minimize debt.)

In modern society, everyone is constantly getting into debt, constantly a slave to bankers, loan payments, and subscription services. After all of this is subtracted from their paychecks, the average person is left with nothing: 56% of Americans cannot deal with a $1000 economic crisis without taking out loans. These people then go and take out loans, or put their money on credit cards, and find themselves taking home even less of their paychecks. Factoring in the amount of money in college loans so many people take out, and people can find themselves trapped, paying more money in interest than they are earning at their jobs. The answer is simple: save money, and do not go into debt under any circumstances.

If you are broke, or poor, or have a bad job, live a frugal lifestyle. If you have a great job that makes lots of money, still save that money. There are people in the world making $200,000 dollars a year that find themselves broke because they take out too many loans, use credit cards to buy stuff with money they do not have, go out to eat every week, and buy the latest iPhones.

As humans on this earth, we cannot seek to live above our means. We must all find ways to achieve liberty and happiness within our own unique economic constraints. A night in Las Vegas or a Tesla will not give you lasting happiness, but a debt-free lifestyle will bring you a step closer.

This has the politics tag tag because the governments of our globalist age do not understand this simple fact. The United States national debt is constantly increasing at an astounding rate, and the same is true of countries all around the world.

A part of the reason I decided to write this article was that I watched this video, which highlights some of the recent problems the “People’s” Republic of China has been facing. A lot of their problems seem to result from debt, interest, and loans——both with private companies in China as well as the Chinese government itself.

This incessant increase in a country’s debt is unsustainable. It needs to stop, yet there is no politician that will do it! Red old man who wants to increase the debt, or blue old man who wants to increase the debt even more: these are the options the United States faces each year an election is held. The same is undoubtedly true in China, Europe, and other countries facing the same problem.

And the answer to the problem, of course, is simple: avoid getting into debt whenever possible, limit loans to the absolute minimum essential amount, and stop printing money.

We should go back to the gold standard, the only reason we left it (from my primitive understanding) was so we could more easily borrow money——so that we could more easily get ourselves and our governments into debt. Even at the price of temporary economic benefit, going into debt is something to avoid at all costs.


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